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Srinivas: Year 2013 February

Survivor Name : Srinivas 
I can't even know to being this. It was my birthday and I was turning 47.   It was the February 15, a Friday.   Just another day to rest my bones and then to pack for next trip to Las Vegas where our annual year performance 2012 and coming year 2013 expecting to be.   In between, I had a meeting of Share Holders back in Boston.  As usual, I had to report my performance which had been steadily improving.   I could catch-up over dinner during there grilled me how the Q4 and full years and what I think Q1 future looks like.   I recall during this there will be no alcohol, not even wine.  Life in general is going on.
I had told my kids, I planned to catch up that Friday and we go for skiing.  They can go skiing and how proud skiing to them. Anuraag, the oldest one 12 was really good skiing .  The middle one, Vaibhav 10 years, was really almost there.  My youngest daughter, Maanasi 8 years, is working on it.  My wife Chaya, keeps all loose ends together.  They had to and get up have full time skiing on Tuesday thru Sunday.
My administrators, Donna Ravikumar, knew things went.  She was the best.   In short time, she knew where if the roads had heavy traffic or the it was breeze getting in.  She knew, if you had day off or long day in.   There was no way I would check with Donna if I had a meeting. She knew that Tuesday came bright and early, close session for a half day, and I would be taking off to the airport.
The last I remember from that fateful day, February 18, 2013, saying good bye to share holders in hotel lobby.  How I got to the elevators, I do not remember.  They tell me, that I went to my hotel rooms and spoke to my kids.  I do not remember anything. That even to change pant and shirt, socks and the jacket, I do not remember .  It was all memory that other remember it.  What a frightful night!
The next things, I remember March 3.  Two whole weeks, I was unconsciously.   It was Boston Emergency Ward where they had me.   My right side is paralyses and I don't even know my voice.   My whole world is spinning around.  Just paralyzed.   My wife did not know what was going on.   She was shell shocked.  My kids are shell shocked, too. What happen to me?  What happen to them?
It takes me a month to get on it.   This is so hard but it's misnomer.   I am learning that what really means.  One things the for sure - when I got back to beginning whether it six months or six years, I do it for the kids.   This really hit me big, hard to digest but it is the fact.  There are no free rides.
I split up to four section - the first is when off-seat at Spaulding which went for a month, two Spaulding helping to keeping and maintain of two months, third going home and starting to exercise for six months and fourth going to India for 6 months (up for four months).
In spirit to insert up time and going India, I really would like go to fourth session.  One through three, I will do another time.   (Please forgive me for this.).  After 12 more months, I decided to go India with a change of scene.   My brother and niece brought back to my mothers house.  In many ways, this was the resting I needed.   But, I could not wait my right arm and right leg could rest even more.
I wake in morning at 6:30 am.   Then I, move right arm up and down 120 repeatedly.  Then, I put on sock and shoes on feet and climbs up and down 10 times between first floor and second floor.   It is 9:00 am with my physiotherapy.   Now, I have been with news paper.   Then I go to Nimhams for the speech session for 30 min.  Then, we go down with the play grounds and walk 5 rounds.  It takes about 1 hour.   It's life, I do not live the living. I would like that in other way.
My right arms is slowly getting better.  The right arm upwards the top with left twist.   I have to lift upwards and make it stand straight.  I hope so.  My right legs is just so-so.  It's need to work harder.   My voice is getting slowly better.  I can read the news paper.  My voice is getting stronger.   My typing is the modest. But there is much work to be done.
My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew will want no another way - please keep us happy by insure me space.  Twice a week, I get to Poornima Shenoy in my house to improving the learn and build sentences.   During the weeks, it was Poornima idea to introduce to Sharad Tekalkote.  Like Sharad, appoxite same age and been 1 years and 7 months, has used all very hard work.  Like Sharad, life is not meant to give it up.
In two months, I will get back home to Boston.   This effort is incomplete and more work will need to follow through.
My thanks go out into number of people work so hard.  To them, I cannot do it with date in-date out without being greatful .   They come in every day with a genuine smile to make a day of difference.   To them, these people are showing how your true love and devotion.  To go aheads with names I will not do it justice.    They are my biggest way to thank them.